Protein Crystallography Research Group (Dubin Lab)
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The project entitled:

"Structural and functional analysis of immune checkpoints"

funded by National Centre of Science, Poland between 2018 and 2020.

The primary research objective of the project is to obtain structural and functional characterization of selected aspects of immune checkpoint signal transduction pathways. Immune checkpoints are fundamental to the homeostasis of the immune system. Aberrant immune checkpoint function is the hallmark of cancer and autoimmune disorders. Recent decade has witnessed spectacular success of therapeutic targeting of selected checkpoints. Nevertheless, our understanding of checkpoint physiology and the mechanistic details underlying signal transduction in this systems remains incomplete. Further research is likely to bring valuable physiological findings and translational value. To address this opportunity the project aims at obtaining structural information on selected checkpoints. Structures of the receptors will be determined in absence and presence of natural ligands to understand the interactions guiding the affinities within those systems. In parallel, the project aims at understanding the mechanistic details guiding signal transduction through PD-1 checkpoint. The canonical PD-1/PD-L1 system will be studied in detail by combination of cell based and biochemical methods to understand the triggers and the sequence of reactions transducing the inhibitory signal

If you are interested in obtaining further detailed information on the project please contact me by mail.